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Brian Borens
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Graduated: 1988
Updated: 10/07/2001 21:49:23
Claim to Fame: Hiding from "Cannon" with Jimmy Cruz or some other fellow degenerates. My /68 Camaro (also used in many escapes from Cannon). No need in further incrimination of myself, those who knew me are fully aware of my "claims"
What they're doing now: After two years of "vacation" I enlisted in the USAF and served 4 years, mostly in Europe as an avionics technician on the F-111. Upon conquering Europe, I returned to Indiana and decided it was too cold and not much was going on. So I moved west. Los Angeles, California to be specific, where I met my wife (girlfriend until 2 years ago). I went back into the aviation business selling airplanes. Mingled with the stars, smog & traffic for three years and relocated to Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. seeking cleaner air and more sunshine! Four years later I am now married, purchased a home, have a wonderful 17 month old boy named Auston Rae and still in the aviation business. The future? One more kid, another home(s), and if all goes to plan, our own business.
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