|    |    |    |   Merrillville High School   
Merrillville, Indiana 46410 USA   
Greg Mcguire
1413 Breckenridge Drive
Amelia, Ohio  45102
(513) 943-4773
Graduated: 1985
Elem/Middle School:
Updated: 10/16/2001 06:59:14
Claim to Fame: Had a lot of fun with friends, even though it seemed as if high school lasted for an eternity!
What they're doing now: Living with my wife Tiffany of 12 years (5/89) and 4 y/o daughter Makenzie (2/97). I am a self-employed independent claims adjuster, called Reliable Claims Service and Tiffany is a Nurse Manager (BSN-Purdue) who runs the Cincinnati office of SpectraCare Nursing. Still having a lot of fun being a family guy hanging with my 2 bestest buds!
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