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Merrillville, Indiana 46410 USA   
Tiffany Vivo
6490 Miramar Ct.
Indianapolis, Indiana  46250
Graduated: 1993
Elem/Middle School:
Updated: 10/10/2004 20:23:00
Claim to Fame: I was heavily involved with Student Government. I was also a member of Speech and Debate where I got most of my inspiration and drive from Mr. Zolfo, my coach for three years. I wasn^t always that serious in high school because I was also in poms where I had a lot of fun and crazy memories.
What they're doing now: I have been living in Indianapolis for the past four years now since I graduated from law school and got my first job. I began my own law practice almost three years ago and am happy with the decision of going on my own. It has been a struggle, but the rewards outweigh the daily challenges. My office handles cases involving family, immigration, probate and bankruptcy law. I did handle some criminal cases at some point in my career, but decided they were not for me after one year. I did not enjoy and did not have the patience for the criminal mind... Not that it takes LESS patience to deal with people going through a nasty divorce or who are fighting tooth and nail for custody of their kid. THAT is a tough job in itself because people get very petty and the Attorney is left in the middle of it all! I probably enjoy doing immigration law especially when it involves trying to keep a client from being deported. I like the challenge and it^s gratifying to be able to save someone from being separated from their families. Hopefully, none of my classmates will be needing any legal assistance in the areas of law that I practice, but if that time ever does come, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be more than happy to help in any way I can, and if I cannot, I would be glad to direct you to a colleague who may be able to assist.
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