|    |    |    |   Merrillville High School   
Merrillville, Indiana 46410 USA   
Shameka Ottman
(address not on record)
Silver Spring, Maryland  20910
Graduated: 2000
Elem/Middle School:
Outside Merrillville/Outside Merrillville
Updated: 11/05/2007 14:58:50
Claim to Fame: You may remember my face from detention - not that I ever did anything wrong - conspiracy seriously. Um...I was a member of the band - for the easy A on my report card. Also participated in SADD, the diversity club, spanish club, and the national honor society all for the sake of college admissions (sorry if you were in these clubs, I didn't like attending the meetings too often). Wish I could remember more, but I wasn't really super involved with anything.
What they're doing now: Graduated from Florida A&M University (December 2003) with a B.S. in Computer Information Sciences and in 2006 with a M.S. in Systems Engineering. Now working as a Software Engineer in the Washington DC Metro Area. You can find me on facebook.
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