|    |    |    |   Merrillville High School   
Merrillville, Indiana 46410 USA   
Martin Drayton
(address not on record)
Houston, Texas  77083
(281) 568-5952
Graduated: 1994
Elem/Middle School:
Outside Merrillville/Harrison
Updated: 01/12/2003 03:02:33
Claim to Fame: I was the guy in band class, or any other for that matter,who talked about your mother, you or your family (it was all in fun,& I apologize for any hurt feelings).
What they're doing now: I graduated from Grambling State University in Louisiana. In 2000 I moved to Texas to teach in a place called SUGARLAND (Willowridge High School). I^ve been teaching Social Studies (World Geography) for 3 years. Currently I am pursuing a Masters degree in Education Administration at the University of Houston. Got married May 25,2002 - Thanks to Alexandra Mitchell. Just bought a brand new Suzuki TLR 1000. I^m enjoying every breathing moment of this wonderful world. One more thing...at Harrison junior high I had a crush on a pom-pom, LaRhonda Matthews. She was also in the band with me during my 7th & 8th grade years. She moved away the summer before my 9th grade yr. Thirteen years later I found her, in Houston Texas. Her name is now LaRhonda Matthew-Drayton! Enjoy Life, and when times get hard, remember....IT^S ONLY TEMPORARY!
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