|    |    |    |   Merrillville High School   
Merrillville, Indiana 46410 USA   
Bill Marler
10s652 Hyacinth Drive #22e
Willowbrook, Illinois  60527
(630) 654-3396
Graduated: 1970
Elem/Middle School:
Fieler/Merrillville Junior High School
Updated: 05/20/2004 23:57:05
What they're doing now: Attended Indiana University - Bloomington for 2 years. Then landed up at Ball State. Enjoyed the university setting much better. Degreed in Journalism & Broadcasting, while spending the BSU years touring with University Singers. Worked in broadcasting for a few years, never making enough money to make me happy. Went into sales and found my home. After working with several major furniture retailers in the Chicago market, settled with Wickes Furniture, working up to Store Manager in Pittsburgh, PA. Was booted out (in a major management shuffle after a company buyout) and returned to the Chicago area, where I^m now working as a Case goods Furniture Buyer with Aronson Furniture. Currently on my second marriage (first marriage took me 21 years to realize I made a mistake. Can^t fault me for not trying!) Remarried in 1999. No kids, just pets (they cost less and complain very little!) Havn^t attended any reunions over the years, mainly because I kept to myself in high school, and never felt part of the group (the usual high school memories). It would be nice to know how other classmates faired in the screwy world. I get into Indiana often (Mom & Dad live in Ogden Dunes. Both having health troubles, but who doesn^t when you hit 80). Sister (Nina MHS 1966) lives in Mt. Prospect, IL and teaches elementrary music in Oak Brook, Il.
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