|    |    |    |   Merrillville High School   
Merrillville, Indiana 46410 USA   
Kenneth Bikoff
932 E. Hillside Drive
Bloomington, Indiana  47401
(812) 339-2298
Graduated: 1992
Elem/Middle School:
Updated: 01/31/2006 01:46:46
Claim to Fame: Don't really have a claim to fame. I know I made a lot of people laugh and had a lot of fun. I was relatively disruptive as well in class, but I'm not sorry for that.
What they're doing now: I'm editor-in-chief of Inside Indiana magazine, which covers Indiana University sports. I live in Bloomington, Ind. with my wife, Lauren, whom I married in October 2003. I have a chocolate lab named Ginny and an uppity cat named Gwen. Previous to working for Inside Indiana, I spent seven years with Pro Football Weekly and Basketball News. Please feel free to e-mail me as I like to hear from my old friends.
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