|    |    |    |   Merrillville High School   
Merrillville, Indiana 46410 USA   
Demetrius Clark
(address not on record)
Great Lakes, Illinois  
(219) 746-7715
Graduated: 2000
Elem/Middle School:
Outside Merrillville/Harrison
Updated: 08/11/2008 00:08:29
Claim to Fame: You All Know Me As DEEBO. Track athlete for four years (Member of the three time sectional champs, two time state qualifer, three time regional qualifer, sectional champ, and Most Improved Track Athlete of the Year 1998.) Play for the 19-1 Freshman Basketball Team. Play for the Merrillville Football Team Junior Year.
What they're doing now: Finish my time with US Navy for 8 years. Planning on moving out of Great Lakes, IL to move to a different state. Currently doing modeling, graduate Everest College for Massage Therapy last year, and continue to use my medical skills from the military to the outside world.
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