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Merrillville, Indiana 46410 USA   
Dan Franz
869 Oak Road
Plymouth, Indiana  46563
Graduated: 1992
Elem/Middle School:
Updated: 01/09/2008 18:59:56
Claim to Fame: I tried hard not to claim fame - I succeeded well at being goofy and awkward through high school, but then again who didn't? My most famous credential would be a frightening full page photo in the Jr. or Sr. yearbook of me completing a throw-in for soccer.
What they're doing now: Too much. Spent 10 years in Muncie, IN after high-school. Most of us call that "college" - I liked it so much I stayed for a while. Spent 7 years in Indianapolis treating adolescent substance abusers - those of you who knew me in high school may find that humorous.... We (my wife, two children and I) were on our way to transfer to Valpo to open another Pathway Family Center, but somehow found ourselves in Plymouth, IN - my wifes hometown, and it looks like we are staying. It would be good to hear from some of you again - some others, not so much.
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