|    |    |    |   Merrillville High School   
Merrillville, Indiana 46410 USA   
Deborah Mays [Carney]
(address not on record)
Chicago, Illinois  60611
Graduated: 1968
Elem/Middle School:
Fieler/Merrillville Junior High School
Updated: 12/22/2009 08:14:41
Claim to Fame: Cheerleader Honor Society, Year Book Copy Editor Choir, Gymnastics
What they're doing now: Attended IU on an education scholorship. Married while still in college, graduated, taught elementary school, lived in Kentucky, Wisconsin and then to the Chicago suburbs. Had two sons. We purchased a faltering printing company and turned it around. Husband died after 31 years of marriage, moved into the City. Have two grandsons. Met Ted Stoica (MHS 69) here in Chicago, didn't know him in high school. He asked me to coffee, I said, "no, dinner." Dinner it was. and have been with him since our first date in September 2006.
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